We Build Ideas

Everybody has a good ‘idea’ once in a while.  Most never get the chance to enjoy ‘making it happen’. We understand. That is why we build and market it for you.  Welcome to the world of PuZLink.

The PuZLink world

Defined by the belief that the internet is one big word puzzle that mimics human behavior.  If you identify the human behavior, you can begin putting together the pieces of the business puzzle. In this case, your ‘idea’ and the business developed from it.

Here’s the process

Click on the word ‘contact’ up above to be brought to the ‘tunnel sniffer’.  We will introduce you to the information we need for consideration of your ‘idea’.


Take some time to think about what you are going to write. It will be the only representation of you and your ‘idea’ at this point in our correspondence.

Quick thought

We only take on projects that we believe have an opportunity to reach a viral coefficient rate of 2.1.

Another thought

Don’t be concerned if your ‘idea’ is not new.  Viewing an existing business model from a different perspective leads to innovation.  We understand.


We look forward to reviewing your submission. Good luck with your venture!.

We Build Ideas