PUZLINK (PZ) is an international business development firm that builds companies and serves as a referral resource for growth-oriented businesses - All based on the five motivating factors that drive human behavior.

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Human beings have been exhibiting the same basic behaviors for thousands of years, so it’s logical to assume that we’ll continue to do so in the future. Those behaviors reveal who we are and why we do what we do. It’s not rocket science. It’s behavioral science. Continue reading to see why a basic understanding of human behavior makes such a difference in the world of business.








When we build a company, we do more than just look at the underlying idea, or the current state of the marketplace. We zero in on behavior. Specifically, we focus on five human behaviors that are a part of our genetic makeup. By building companies based on an understanding of those behaviors, we greatly enhance our chances for success.

  • Consumption
  • Philanthropy
  • Innovation
  • Procreation
  • Communication


There’s a reason we’re called consumers. We live to consume, and consume to live. Whether that means sitting down to a gourmet meal, browsing a showroom in search of a new car, or purchasing the latest fashions with the click of a button on the Web, we love our stuff. It’s in our DNA. Businesses built to deliver the things we need and want conveniently and efficiently are the ones that will succeed in today’s post-COVID WORLD.

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Self-preservation may be a strong instinct, but it’s not the only one. We have an inherent need to give something back; it just feels good when we do. And it starts a chain reaction of good works that can touch the lives of countless others. Successful businesses recognize, as their customers do, that to make the world a better place for others is to make it a better place for ourselves.

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Human beings are innovative by nature. Unlike other species on the planet, which operate mostly based on instinct, we humans are creative. We see the world around us and strive to make it a better place, not just with our deeds, but also with our ideas. That spirit of innovation opens the door to a world of new ideas and endless possibilities.

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The circle of life is ever-expanding, and humans are at the very center of it. We don’t just live our own lives; we produce new lives in order to ensure the continuation of our society. That’s not just a biological process. It’s a social one. And it helps drive global commerce. Success in the marketplace requires insight into the needs, wants, values and beliefs of others.

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We seek to understand and be understood. Communication is at the heart of that process. Without it, turmoil ensues. That has been an underlying cause of conflict throughout history. In our modern world, we’ve taken a giant step toward removing barriers and resolving conflicts. The Web is the most powerful communication tool ever known to man. Embracing it is an essential component to success in the global marketplace.

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At PuZLink, building companies based on one or more of the five basic human behaviors is more than just theory. It’s what we practice. Our companies have been established with that in mind, and we’ve built them in the digital space to accommodate the realities of today’s post-COVID world.

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David N Capo | Founder CEO

At PUZLINK, we build companies — with an emphasis on the word build. We say that because it puts the focus exactly where it belongs; on the future, on growth, and on things to be curious about.

Our perspective on the future is based from an understanding of how far we’ve advanced as a civilization in the last 100 years. Today we have the tools and technologies to accomplish things that couldn’t even be imagined a century ago. We can do almost anything—no idea is too wild, or crazy, or extreme.

Entrepreneurs have embraced this new world because the words “can’t” or “can’t do” have been removed as a barrier to success.

As a company, we are entrepreneurs that work with other entrepreneurs to build “ideas” into businesses that monetize passions. Our world is full of possibilities and at PUZLINK, we move forward, always growing and building for the future – it’s the PZ perspective.

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David N Capo | Founder CEO

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