When you look at things from a fresh perspective, it’s understandable that people will have questions about who you are and why you do things the way you do. Here are a few of the most common questions we receive, along with answers that help shed light on the PUZLINK Philosophy.


If you should have additional questions, please feel free to inquire


  1. Who is PUZLINK?

    PUZLINK (PZ) is an international business development firm that builds companies and serves as a referral resource for growth-oriented businesses – All based on the five motivating factors that drive human behavior.

  2. What does PUZLINK do?

    We “noodle” business ideas and then create companies from those that pass our sniff test.  Some of the ideas presented are from entrepreneurs from around the world, others, introduced from our own “Assembly of People with Unique Talent”.

  3. When does PUZLINK accept applications?

    Business ideas and proposals are reviewed twice a year – March 31st and September 30th.  See section “Development” for submission requirements.

  4. Where does PUZLINK do business?

    PUZLINK builds its companies in the digital realm  (web, mobile, tablet, computer, satellite).  The company is domiciled in New York.

  5. Why does PUZLINK think it’s qualified to build companies?

    We practice what we preach to other entrepreneurs – We build our own ideas into successful companies.  Working with passionate people, who discuss great ideas knowing the outcome of their combined efforts will be a successful company, is a very cool experience.

  6. How do I get PUZLINK’s attention?

    Inquire.  Tell us who you are, and what you would like to discuss – you’ve got options.


  1. Who qualifies for PUZLINK’s development resources?

    The PUZLINK qualification process is viewed from 2 different perspectives.
    If a business idea presented to us meets our human behavior criteria, we will build it and add it to our “Stable” of company resources.
    On the other hand, if a business idea presented does not qualify, we will refer it to one of the company resources within the PZ “Stable” – they will assist in helping

  2. What type of development resources does PUZLINK provide?

    Development resources are plentiful – office space, fundraising, contracts/legal, research, marketing, branding, sales, design, development, concierge services, mobile apps, ecommerce, programming, SEO/SEM/SET, public relations, editorial, mentors, finance, experience…to just name a few.

  3. When will PUZLINK open its investor platform to outside investors?

    PUZLINK is a privately held company.

  4. Where does PUZLINK focus for business growth?

    PZ focuses on 5 human behaviors when building companies – consumption, philanthropy, innovation, procreation and communication.  Business ideas that encompass these behaviors are interesting to us.

  5. Why does PUZLINK build companies and serve as a referral resource to others?

    Because we can and we do it well.

  6. How do I present my business idea or company to PUZLINK?

    Send us a note.  In less than 250 words tell us what you would like to accomplish with your business idea.  We’ll noodle and discuss it at our bi-annual review.  If we can help, we will.  Please remember to include your contact information so we can get hold of you.


  1. Who can PUZLINK refer me to that will help build my business?

    Tell us about your idea or company, we’ll figure it out together. Inquire

  2. What does PUZLINK consider to be a mutually beneficial referral?

    If we refer you to one of our companies for help, in turn, please introduce to someone else.  Fair?  Do you know of a charity, cause or project that is having a difficult time raising money? If so, please introduce them to us.  One of our companies, SoMuchSavings.com, financially supports those types of efforts.  Send us a note with their contact information.

  3. When will PUZLINK add additional companies to its “Stable” of referral resources?

    PUZLINK’s business review process takes place on March 31st and September 30th of each calendar year. Referral resources are expanded upon the completion of this bi-annual tradition. Referral details will be announced upon company selection.

  4. Where does PUZLINK get its referral resources?

    Global entrepreneurs and the people of PUZLINK.

  5. Why should I ask PUZLINK for a business development referral?

    Why not?  Most companies never get referrals because they don’t ask – ask us.

  6. How much does it cost to be referred to a PUZLINK resource?

    For the ideas we build into companies, we take ownership.  For the ideas we refer to others, we earn confidence and hopefully, receive a referral back.


  1. Who does PUZLINK believe will lead this modern world of 24/7 communication and business?

    Businesses and ideas that are based on the five motivating factors that drive human behavior will succeed in this 24/7 world of communication and business (Factors: consumption, philanthropy, innovation, procreation and communication).

  2. What business model does PUZLINK think is brilliant?

    Heinz Ketchup – seriously, how many different brands of ketchup can you name?  Which one comes to mind first?  For a company and brand to be around for this long and have such brand dominance is truly amazing – plus, it tastes really good on burgers and fries, how can you not think it’s brilliant?

  3. When does PUZLINK believe world economies will recover?

    When the global public realizes the power they possess, with the consumer dollar, and how much influence it truly has on corporations and government in today’s modern world of electronic trading.

  4. Where does PUZLINK think business opportunity is hidden?

    Financial Services.  The industry is aged.  Regulation is prohibiting it to adapt to this modern world.  SuccessionOnline.com (one of our “Stable” companies) is an earnest attempt at providing a solution.

  5. Why has PUZLINK selected 5 human behaviors as the foundation for global business development?

    If humans have been behaving a certain way for thousands of years, it’s logical to assume that we will continue to act that way, in some form or fashion, in the years ahead.  If you build a company based on these historic behaviors, chances of success are greatly enhanced. No?

  6. How will PUZLINK ignite sparks of change within the world of business and human behavior?

    We already have.  Consumers are saving money.  Causes are receiving donations.  Businesses are getting new customers.  People are employed.  Business dreams are coming to life.  Friendships are being made. Inertia is just around the corner.      


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David N Capo | Founder CEO

At PUZLINK, we build companies — with an emphasis on the word build. We say that because it puts the focus exactly where it belongs; on the future, on growth, and on things to be curious about.

Our perspective on the future is based from an understanding of how far we’ve advanced as a civilization in the last 100 years. Today we have the tools and technologies to accomplish things that couldn’t even be imagined a century ago. We can do almost anything—no idea is too wild, or crazy, or extreme.

Entrepreneurs have embraced this new world because the words “can’t” or “can’t do” have been removed as a barrier to success.

As a company, we are entrepreneurs that work with other entrepreneurs to build “ideas” into businesses that monetize passions. Our world is full of possibilities and at PUZLINK, we move forward, always growing and building for the future – it’s the PZ perspective.

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